Indeed, most African intelligentsias are lazy.

The USA, UK, and other western world will never support the emergence of a President in any African country that would challenge their vulturish appetite towards exporting deceitfully our commonwealth and leaving us with crumbs. In taking African treasures, the West is united. In the impoverishment of African continent, they are united – do not be deceived with the aid. In ensuring that Africa does not rise and become a competition to the west – they are married.




I have an assignment for you dear People of the African continent. At your leisure, this weekend, ask, why was Muammar Gaddafi killed? He was not impoverishing his people. He did not owe IMF, World Bank.In fact, he does not need their assistance or loan in the governance of Libya–he was hated because of his genuine interest in the emancipation of Africa as a continent to become equal or even stronger than the west. As at then, he was the best performing President in Africa, and you begin to wonder why would the West want to kill the best performing President but allow the clueless to continue to reign high. As a matter of fact, Libya confiscated money was part of the capital IMF/World Bank loan to some African countries at very a high-interest rate.

An article I read this morning written by a Zambian where all intelligentsias from African continent were regarded as lazy helped in the articulation of my thought process.

Relax and think about all the things in front of your living room starting with the mobile gadget, laptop or desktop you are using to read this note. The white intelligentsias, scientist, and innovative engineers made them. Even the wood that we have in our forest, the white export them and import them back to us. The high and mighty in our society buy such products because of the cost implication.

As a people, I call upon all the intelligentsias to understand that the whites are all laughing at us with the crops of leaders we allow to make political decisions for us. Our leaders are the least innovative hence would not make any triple elevating decisions that would jumpstart the economic revolution required for the emancipation of our people.

Coming home to Nigeria, we (Nigerians) must all ensure that the mistake of 2015 does not repeat in 2019 or 2023 (Post President Buhari). We must make sure that we elect a Nigerian President that understands the urgency Nigeria and the black community requires to move forward. We must elect leaders who must empower innovative Engineers to start manufacturing little things like cooling table and ceiling fan for our domestic consumption before they dream of Aircraft etc. Not Pencil! We must elect leaders that would commission scientist in the field of medicine and bioscience to find cancer and HIV cure, not to reduce the salary of doctors or travel abroad for all health challenges including what my friend, ENT specialist in Abuja can cure.

We must start thinking forward as a people, and that starts with the next leader we elect. A situation where Dr. Akinwumi with Ph.D. in Agriculture Economics is replaced by Chief Audu Ogbe who studied French is an aberration to the greatest order. Audu Ogbe should be a lecturer at Benue State University (BSU) teaching French and not a minister of Agriculture. The mere fact that he is from Benue State – the food basket of the nation – does not translate to having solutions to Agricultural Revolution Nigeria needs.

In conclusion, I will agree with the Zambian writer that the greatest tragedy that befalls our land is the silence of the educated, not the uneducated that look up to us for direction. We have failed them as a people the moment we elect a conventional instead of an unconventional leader with the capacity to understands the urgency in tackling our needs. It will be a waste of education and entirely obscure thing to do if the educated remain silent or accept status quo which has not changed since independence as the best. Let us wake up and show the way and direction. Make a difference and do not be a lazy intelligentsia who is only after a 9-5 pay job. Push for decisions that would impact life in the next 20-50 years. For a start, let us unite and order for the total overhaul of our education system that cannot produce pencil since its creation.

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