Gender egalitarianism which is mostly referred to as equality between the sexes and which I have advocated in my little way is providing women and girls with equal access to education, health care, decent work, and representation in political and economic decision-making processes will fuel sustainable economies and benefit societies and humanity at large.

However, are men really equal with women? The Olori Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi said “I am not a huge fan of Gender equality. We can’t be equal, We can’t be men. We have our roles to play here, a very pivotal one.” many especial female folks lambasted her for her view. Most advocates of equality forgot that she deserve to be respected for her viewpoint the same way they advocate for equal recognition and respect. Irony of life! If I must be honest, I agree with her 100%.

While I actively support campaigns advocating for women having the same right and responsibilities by law as men have and advocate for men to stop objectifying and taking advantage of women of which is on the rise currently, I equally understand there are differences between the two genders. All genders, women, and men know that we are different. It is just that most people are subduing it so as to be seen as one who is politically correct and one who promotes gender equality and perhaps, to win votes and admiration from the women folk hence they advocate equality.

However, are we equal in all ramifications? I do not think so.
Equality of both men and women is undeniable in some areas. For instance, men and women have the same ability to think for themselves and make a decision. This gives equal power and responsibility to both genders. If some women are oppressed by law or parts of the population, the government should protect them. Nevertheless, it is their fault for accepting the reality because that should not be so. The female handicap is not in their actual ability or mental capacity, but in their belief that they are being treated unequally because of their vagi*a hence the advocacy for sexual equality.

All humans who can think and make their own decision are equal, but the question is how we use that ability. Women have not been so assertive in areas like politics and business for obvious reasons. Most of them don’t think it’s important and are not as “passionate” about it as men. Who’s fault is it that so few women start their own business and make a lot of money? Men’s? Finding fault in somebody else without first checking your own wrong doing is wrong thinking. Women are equal when it comes to their mental abilities, but inferior because they don’t use it the same way men do. Men are the most successful species on our planet even without gender differences. Thus, why advocate to change something that works?

We can try to encourage the above points outlined above and strengthen our laws to empower more women into politics and business, but all-encompassing equality is a figment of our imagination and may not happen in our lifetime, because we are not even equal among same sex. Are all women equal? Can Olajumoke be equated to Linda Ikeji? Are all men equal? Can I be likened to Dangote, Bill gate? Thus, if there is no equality among people of the same gender, there is no equality; and women should stop exploiting that aspect to be discourteous. Some men serve other men, some men serve women, some women serve men, and some women serve other women. Some people are so poor; others are so rich; some are above the law, while the law is crushing others. So, it’s hard to understand equality as advocated by women. Will competition cease if women become in charge of everything? Will everybody serve everybody when women become the majority in governance and corporate world? Will women also allow their children to be equal to their parents? The ugly truth is that this is a complex issue we all came to meet, and as humans we would be dead before we can fathom everything. The struggle for survival can not permit equality. The best we can do is look at humanity as a whole and ensure that all human being are treated fairly and equally in regards to their dignity and worth. Those should not have to be “earned.”. That’s a matter of values, not facts. And we can choose to implement those values. To the extent we make that choice, we are decent human beings.

In conclusion, No two people are equal to each other in every way. No two groups of people are equal to each other in every way. There is always some built-in inequality between individuals or groups. That’s neither good nor bad; it’s just the way things are. It’s a matter of fact, not of values. We can’t choose to change it, even if we wanted to.

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