Parents Of Chibok Girls Tell Nigerian Government To Negotiate With Boko Haram

Some parents of the abducted girls are however begging the federal Government to accept the deal made by Boko haram to swap the abducted girls with the Boko haram prisoners.



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It was reported that .

One of the parents of the abducted girls, Mr. Wasau said: “Since the abductors have agreed to a prisoner swap, all we can do is to beg the government to accept the offer so that our daughters would come back alive”.

Lawal Zannah, said: “refusing to negotiate has shown that the government does not care. If it were their daughters would they say the same?”

Another parent, Bashir Wasau who is in support of the ‘swap deal’ said: “It is just because they are not affected that is why, otherwise this thing would have been over since”.

One parent speaking in Hausa language(who refused to give out his name) still thinks the federal goernment is in doubt if the girls were really kidnapped saying: “there would be no need for a fact finding committee. What is the fact? If our daughters were truly kidnapped? it’s a pity” he said.

Mr. Zannah said: “We have been talking to all the media in this world, how has that helped us, Committee is of no use to us, it simply shows that the government needs to be convinced our daughters are missing, well as you can see they are. We are all here today and you have just heard the anguish we have been going through since the abduction.

“I really don’t understand why this committee. It will be unfair for the government to leave us to our fate knowing very well that our daughters were not abducted from our houses but in the hands of the government.

“How can you form a committee to find out if something under your own care is missing?”.

While some parents are worried if the Federal Government is really working towards for the release of the missing school girls.

Meanwhile It was reported that was recently reported that Dr Stephen Davis, the secret negotiator hired by President Jonathan to help with the rescue mission said some of the girls .

On Meanwhile on May 28, it was reported that the  presented to President Jonathan. 





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